The Australian Oil and Gas College (AOGC), has evolved from the need to provide an innovative & technologically advanced enhancement to the current provision of training to the Oil, Gas and Maritime sectors with industry focused and tailored solutions.

AOGC is grounded on the concept of ‘collaboration - over competition’ where specialist Oil, Gas and Maritime training providers and equipment suppliers are our ‘Alliance Partners’. There are 4 classifications of Alliance Partners that range from Stand Alone status through to Fully Serviced status where AOGC market, manage and deliver training and competence programs on behalf of our Alliance Partners.
Our alliance partners are: 


In the Oil, Gas and Maritime sectors it is vital that personnel are not just trained but are competent to safely and effectively perform their respective job/position tasks and functions at their workplace and are assessed against ‘industry level competences’, which are an enhancement of qualification competences.

We see our core business as being 3 elements, these are:


We are supporting the ‘evolution’ of competence with the emerging notions of capability, which surround adaptability, transportability and transposability of workplace competence, where the notion of capabilities has 3 elements:

  • Knowledge Base of Practice:
  • Technical Competence; and
  • Attributes


Training is the cornerstone of competence and it is essential that the training provided relates to skills and competence. Our training delivery methodologies employ state of the art technologies, such as Audience Response Systems, Virtual Environments and Augmented Reality. 

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We see our core business as being 3 elements, these are: 

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