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AOGC provides a diverse range of competence and training programs for Oil Gas and Marine companies, organizations and enterprises across Operations, Maintenance and Management.    Providing for the needs of technicians and professionals worldwide and enhancing core competencies, AOGC and our Alliance Partners offer comprehensive customized training programs that fit the needs of your organisation.   Covering the entire breadth of the Oil, Gas and Marine sectors, AOGC builds development programs that span core industry disciplines and challenges.

The AOGC team comprising of Oil, Gas and Marine industry seasoned professionals is committed to ensuring we only utilize the best instructors and presenters with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry.   We always produce course materials that are of the highest standard and ensure that the curricula evolve to embrace the latest technology advances.

Our courses and programs utilize the latest Audience Response Systems (ARS) technologies to enhance participant participation and knowledge transfer.